Welcome to our running and junior athletics club which is based in Beccles and Bungay, Suffolk.  We are a family friendly club with over 230 adult and junior members.  We welcome new members of all abilities, from beginners to experienced runners.  Members are welcome to join in either or both of our running training evenings.

On Tuesday evenings we train at Earsham Playing Field (Earsham during the Winter and at Bungay High School during the Summer months), session time - 6.45pm to 8.15pm - registration from 6.45pm, sessions start at 7pm.

On Thursday evenings we train at Sir John Leman High School Track. Session Time - 6.45pm to 8.15pm - registration from 6.45pm, sessions start at 7pm.

Head Coach, Lynn Emmett organises track sessions whilst other Road Running Coaches and Run Leaders provide an alternative to track including speed sessions, road runs including efforts, hill sessions and long runs, this enables us to provide adults with a choice of sessions to suit their individual needs and goals.

The juniors train at the same time (and location) as the adults, coached in separate sessions.  The more experienced and competitive juniors train with Coach Stephen Harvey whilst the younger Juniors  (7-11 years) have  variety of coaches, all experienced in coaching athletics activities such as throwing and long jump (mostly in the Summer).

On Monday and Friday evenings in the winter months the club provides indoor 'Sportshall' Athletics for 7-15 year olds. Monday evenings are at Bungay High School (6-7pm) and Friday evenings are at Sir John Leman High School (5-6pm). Both sessions are competitive and fun, all new members will be made very welcome.

With all of our training sessions, your first session is free, then just £1.50 per session.

If you are interested please contact Gary Howe (Membership Secretary) on 07761 474313 or email gary.howe@btinternet.com or the general club email of bbac2014@outlook.com

BBH Christmas Cracker 10K Race

The Christmas Cracker 10K on Sunday at Ringsfield Village Hall was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who took part. Many thanks to those that made it a success including our marshals - Emma, Hannah, David and Sarah and our other helpers Stuart and Christine.
Here are the results.

Name Start Time Finish Time Total Time Taken Watch Time
Tina Lathrope 10 11:26:12 1:26:12
Roz Maclachlan 10 11:26:12 1:26:12
Anna infield 10 DNS
Di Hoadley 10 11:15:57 1:15:57
Marsha Hopley 10.05 11:16:36 1:11:36
Maggie Flatt 10.05 11:17:27 1:12:27
Katie Clarke 10.05 11:15:56 1:10:56
Stacey Shiplee 10.05 11:16:14 1:11:14
Karen Waters 10.1 11:16:40 1:06:40 1:06:38
judy potter 10.1 11:15:15 1:05:15
Monica Winzor-Saile 10.1 11:15:09 1:05:09
Julia pelham 10.1 11:11:48 1:01:48
Kevin Kisby 10.15 11:19:49 1:04:49
Chrissy Palmer 10.15 11:14:45 0:59:45
Laura Goodswen 10.15 11:16:23 1:01:23
Suzannah Sinden 10.15 11:13:41 0:58:41 0:58:37
Laura mulley 10.2 11:18:25 0:58:25 0:58:21
Natalie Brown 10.2 11:18:15 0:58:15
Sammy Edwards 10.2 11:17:21 0:57:21
Ian Gardner 10.2 11:17:09 0:57:09 0:57:06
Lisa Stewart 10.25 11:17:47 0:52:47
Simon Fitch 10.25 11:14:50 0:49:50
Harry Wadsworth 10.25 11:14:53 0:49:53
Stuart Andrews 10.25 11:14:02 0:49:02 0:48:59
James Robinson 10.3 11:24:33 0:54:33
John White 10.3
Retired Injured
Anthony Sinden 10.3 11:16:34 0:46:34 0:46:34
Stefan Goodswen 10.3 11:14:14 0:44:14
Lynn Emmett 10.35 11:19:00 0:44:00
Ewan Winzor-Saile 10.35 11:15:45 0:40:45
Harry Neale 10.35 11:16:07 0:41:07


😃 Return to Training Sessions

Although Suffolk has been placed in Tier 2, outdoor organised running in a Covid Secure Environment remains similar to that before the second lockdown - so from Thursday 3rd December we will be offering sessions as before the lockdown. However there will still be a need for great care with regard to preventing the spread of Covid and the same Covid-19 guidelines will still apply as before in order to keep everybody safe. In particular, social distancing and hand sanitization remains important and you should still arrive in good time to do your own warm-up before your session and your own cooldown (on your own) at the end.

The latest EA Guidlines are here