Welcome to our running and junior athletics club which is based in Beccles and Bungay, Suffolk.  We are a family friendly club with over 230 adult and junior members.  We welcome new members of all abilities, from beginners to experienced runners.  Members are welcome to join in either or both of our running training evenings.

On Tuesday evenings we train at Earsham Playing Field (Earsham during the Winter and at Bungay High School during the Summer months), session time - 6.45pm to 8.15pm - registration from 6.45pm, sessions start at 7pm.

On Thursday evenings we train at Sir John Leman High School Track. Session Time - 6.45pm to 8.15pm - registration from 6.45pm, sessions start at 7pm.

Head Coach, Lynn Emmett organises track sessions whilst other Road Running Coaches and Run Leaders provide an alternative to track including speed sessions, road runs including efforts, hill sessions and long runs, this enables us to provide adults with a choice of sessions to suit their individual needs and goals.

The juniors train at the same time (and location) as the adults, coached in separate sessions.  The more experienced and competitive juniors train with Coach Stephen Harvey whilst the younger Juniors  (7-11 years) have  variety of coaches, all experienced in coaching athletics activities such as throwing and long jump (mostly in the Summer).

On Monday and Friday evenings in the winter months the club provides indoor 'Sportshall' Athletics for 7-15 year olds. Monday evenings are at Bungay High School (6-7pm) and Friday evenings are at Sir John Leman High School (5-6pm). Both sessions are competitive and fun, all new members will be made very welcome.

With all of our training sessions, your first session is free, then just £1.50 per session.

If you are interested please contact Gary Howe (Membership Secretary) on 07761 474313 or email gary.howe@btinternet.com or the general club email of bbac2014@outlook.com

Covid-19 Virtual Relay


  1. Each team captain nominates one runner per day via Facebook/email.  If you are picked, please confirm ASAP that you can run that day.  Don’t worry if you can’t, you’ll get another chance.
  2. Each runner runs for 19 minutes and records the distance covered - via Strava, GPS or “old school” (OS map and a piece of cotton).
  3. Each runner MUST carry a baton. The sillier, the better. There will be prizes…
  4. Once a runner completes their run, they must post pictures of themselves and their baton plus the distance covered on Facebook (or email to their team captain, who will post it).
  5. The team that has covered the most ground at the end of the challenge, wins the much-coveted Covid-19 trophy.
  6. In the event of a draw, no one will care.
  7. Each team must include athletes of all ages, genders and haircuts.
  8. Each team can “play their joker”. That runner gets double distance!
  9. Daftness is encouraged.
  10. It is a competition, but no one cares who wins.
  11. Expect the rules to change mid-relay.



(Updated 16th May 2020)

Covid-19 Guidance Update - for Restricted Return to Activity

Following the publication of the new government guidelines on exercise England Athletics have been working with UK Athletics and other stakeholders to create guidance documents for athletes, runners, coaches and athletic venues:

  1. Guidance for athletes and runners return to activity
  2. Guidance for coaches and leaders return to activity
  3. Guidance for athletic venues return to activity

We’ve picked out some main points from the guidance which we want to share with you, however you should familiarise yourself with the full guidelines above.

As per the general government guidance issued on Monday, two people not from the same household can now meet somewhere outdoors and in public for exercise as long as they stay 2 metres apart. This means two individual athletes could meet to train together, keeping their distance.

A coach and one athlete could meet and EA guidance says this is OK, but, importantly, if the athlete is under 18 then a parent or guardian must be able to view the activity, from across the field say, from a safeguarding point of view. No coach should meet an under 18 athlete unsupervised. You will need to stick to the social distancing guidelines and stay well away from the training session.

This cannot be in a private garden, must be in an open park or outdoor sports facility. It could be on a track if a track is open. It is assumed that gyms and leisure centres will reopen much later in the government’s plans.

EA has issued guidance on different events and equipment to keep safe. For example, in this first stage they say jumps are not allowed if they use a sand pit or landing mat – so no long, triple or high jump or pole vault just yet.

There’s also guidance from EA on how to safely use equipment for throws, hurdles, blocks, etc to keep them sanitised and clean.

Clubs still must not organise any group activities at this point.

Clearly this is an rapidly developing and changing situation, so please keep up-to-date with the latest government guidance. The club is monitoring the situation and will implement additional procedures if and when necessary.