Club Standards

We appreciate that runners come to our club for a variety of reasons, and for those that are seeking personal improvement at race events, as a form of added motivation we have introduced Club Standards.

These provide runners with a fair comparison of their running achievements across age and sex, since they use age-grading, which you will likely have seen if you've ever done parkrun.

Our standards are based on the following percentages of the latest WMA tables:

Diamond: 80%

Gold A: 75%

Gold B: 70%

Silver A: 65%

Silver B: 60%

Bronze A: 55%

Bronze B: 50%

To qualify, you need to equal or better the standard time for your age and sex, over races at any of the following distances: 5km (excluding parkrun), 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles, half marathon, marathon.

To find your standard times, select your age and sex in the table at the following link:

To submit a time, please complete the form at this link (one form for each race):


Club Standard Awards November 2019


Diamond (performances at 80% age grade and over) (CERTIFICATE)

  • her performance of 19:30 at the Wroxham 5k in May this year, Amelia Webber


Gold A (75% to 80%) - two runners have reached this standard: (CERTIFICATE)

  • recording a time of 39:51 at Race 3 of the Bungay 10k Summer Series - Lauren Howe
  • running 35:28 at the Wortwell 5 Miler, Lynn Emmett


Gold B (70% to 75%) (CERTIFICATE)

  • Gary Howe at the Bungay 10k
  • Matt Webber at the Wroxham 5k
  • Andy Buck achieving Gold B at two distances, at the Norfolk Gazelles 5k Championship Relay and the East Coast 10k
  • Ewan Winzor-Saile at the Norfolk Gazelles 5k Championship Relay
  • Judy Potter achieving Gold B at two distances, at the Bungay 10k and for the 5k distance at the Ekiden Relays


The Silver A standard is for performances at between 65% up to 70% and there have been 16 performances by 11 different members at this level. Silver B is for 60% to 65%, then Bronze A is 55% to 60% and Bronze B is 50% to 55%. There have been a total of 138 performances by 68 different members that have achieved Bronze B or above in the seven months since the start of the season, so we won't read them all out now! But we will make these available for you to see. Achieving a Bronze is no mean feat in itself, so well done to all of our runners!


Of particular note, a number of members have demonstrated good performances across a range of distances. The following runners have achieved Silver and above at at least three different distances:


  • Anthony Sinden at the triple of 5k, 5 miles and 10k
  • David Hogg at the triple of 5k, 5 miles and 10k
  • Judy Potter at the triple of 5k, 5 miles and 10k
  • Mark Hurren at the triple of 5k, 5 miles and 10k
  • Simon Skinner at the triple of 5k, 5 miles and 10k
  • Lindsay Black at 5 miles, 10k and half marathon


Particularly well done to Ewan Winzor-Saile and Jonathan Puxley, for achieving at least Silver standard at 4 races, both achieving this at 5k, 5 miles, 10k and half marathon.