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Club Membership – membership runs annually from 1st April to 31st March

2019/2020 Membership Fee’s are:

£10 Adult

£5 Junior U18/Full time student U21

£10 Family – children only

£15 Family – 1 adult & children

£25 Family – 2 adults & children

£5 Associate e.g. Coach/Committee member


  • Club Membership and EA Registration is now online (in the same online form) via the options above (Although you will be able to add EA Registration at a later date if you are undecided about this at the time of renewing or applying for new club membership)
  • To renew your membership from last season (1st April 2018-31st March 2019) you will need to use the ‘Renewal’ button above. The new season started on 1st April 2019 and goes through to 31st March 2020).
  • The annual membership fees have not altered for the last 5 years.
  • If you are a regular runner at one of the club training nights and were not a member last season (2018-19) please can you use the ‘New’ button above – so that you become a boni-fida member. The membership fee is relatively small (see above) and will give you access to regular club updates, access to the club members Facebook page and member discounts on running products. 
  • For those who joined in the last three months of last season (Jan, Feb, March 2019), your club membership will carry on through to 31st March 2020 and you do not need to do anything else unless you now wish to register with EA – in which case please contact the club membership secretary on


Affiliation to England Athletics

For those of you who compete fairly regularly there are advantages to becoming a  registered athlete with England Athletics (see link to EA website which outlines the benefits – For Competition Runners with 1st claim at Harriers, the EA Registration Fee is £15 (as charged by England Athletics for this forthcoming year). If you wish to do so you need to register through the club (it cannot be done directly to EA). 

Training Session Payments

Pay on the night – £1.50 (per member)

Monthly Standing Order:

* These prices are at a discounted rate and will save you money over the course of the month

1 session per week per member                         £5

2 sessions per week per member                       £9

Block of 4 sessions during the month               £5 (suitable for families where monthly attendance varies)

Block of 8 sessions during the month               £9 (suitable for families that run more but where monthly attendance still varies)

Block of 12 sessions during the month             £14

Block of 16 sessions during the month             £18

(Please note that the session numbers can include Sportshall sessions as well as running sessions)