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Ipswich Jaffa Junior Cross Country Relays – 15th to 17th October 2021

Gary Reports:


Well done to all those juniors who either ran their team race at SJLHS, Beccles on Saturday morning or did the race virtually at home or away! All told we had a brilliant turnout with four teams of Under 9's, Two teams of Under 11's, Three teams of Under 13's and one team of U15/U17's. In total that is 30 juniors taking part.

Many thanks to all you parents for getting your juniors to SJLHS or arranging for them to do the event virtually. Maybe next season we may be able to actually go to Ipswich for the events. Its well worthwhile!

Also, many thanks to those that made the event possible. Particularly, Lynn who had the difficult job of organising on the day and registering people with the organisers. Also thanks to others that helped including Michaela Adams - and those that cheered them all on!

Don't forget there is the Suffolk Winter League XC which includes Junior races of 3.5K (11-16 years) and 800m (under 11's) at Framlingham on Sunday 7th October.


Under 9s


U9 Team 1 Total time 15:20
Isaac Bonnett 5:02
Rafferty Barton 5:07
George Davies 5:11
U9 Team 2 Total time 16:49
Jayden Durrant 5:19
Jessica Boyce 5:23 1st U9 girl
Connie Manuell 6:07
U9 Team 3 Total time 16:07
Declan Cassidy 6:58
Teddy Hutton 4:22 1st U9 boy
Rohan Barton 4:47
U9 Virtual team Total time 19:19
Amelia Knights 5:48
Lexie Jeal 6:18
Rex Chapman 7:13


Other age groups
Under 11’s


U11 boys Total time 27:33
Liam Durrant 9:22
Thomas Hambling 9:23
Ethan Glayzer 8:48 1st U11 boy
U11 mixed Total time 38:51
Annabelle Knights 9:57 1st U11 girl
Isabella Mortimer 11:26
Soren Hayter 17:28
Under 13’s
U13 girls Total time 34:22
Bea Harrison 11:36
Tess Bonnett 11:45
Flossie Hutton 11:01 1st U13 girl
U13 mixed Total time 41:47
Corben Hayter 16:48
Flynn Hayter 11:18
Bethany Andrews 13:41
U13 boys Total time 38:33
Edward Marshall 15:47
Zak Chapman 13:30
Will Last 9:16 1st U13 boy
Under 15’s/17’s
U15/U17 mixed Total time 38:49
Izzy Last 12:58 1st U15 girl
Rosie Hutton 15:17
Malachi Fabian 10:34 1st U17 boy

Ekiden 2021

Well it was not only Wimbledon and the Euro's going on at the weekend - it was also the Virtual Ekiden Team Relays!

We were very well represented as a club this season with 6 adult teams, (total 36 athletes) and 5 junior teams (20 junior athletes) running between Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of July. Everybody was able to chose their own route, but an 'out and back' or loop was recommended to keep the terrain equal (not just all downhill!).

We had a few achieving Pb's or near (Harry Neale, Harry Wadsworth); a few of our Beginners entering for the first time (Paula C, Rainy, Natalie H, Vicky I, Helen J and Maxine) - all very well done; one who went on to do a Triathlon the next day (Suzannah) and one who ran a 10K twice - (Emma Keal) - don't ask!

It is amazing how this competition seems to be enjoyed by all who enter and it certainly brings out the best in terms of support and encouragement from teammates (on facebook).


Below are the results



Lands End to John O' Groats - Virtual Team Relay - Success!!!

Position of Teams after 26 days.

This update includes runs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Well done everybody - as we have all made it to John O' Groats safely through some seriously hilly terrain! There were smiles and achy limbs from all but the main emotion was a sense of achievement for doing the 874 miles as a team.

The Cruisers reached their destination first (still with 242Km left after the last three days) whilst the Striders arrived a bit later (with 159.14 Km held in reserve).

Below you can see how many KM/miles you all managed in the time. Special mention to Kevin, Julia, Suzannah, Andrew Harvey, Stephen Harvey and Matthew Tye from the Cruisers who all managed to do over 100Km in the 26 days.Similarly from the Striders - Anthony, Joanna, Lisa and Lynn all managed over 100Km.

Finally just to congratulate Anthony who did a fantastic 208.94 Km in the time and Kevin who managed to do the most runs with 24 outings!

Kevin's Cruisers Total Dist Days Running
Kevin Kisby 148.59 24
Chrissy Palmer 97.53 14
Stu Andrews 69.87 6
Natalie Brown 81.87 9
Roz Maclachlan 48.4 7
Julia Pelham 109.24 9
Sue Sinden 131.13 11
Abi Barnes 53.71 9
Louise Peck 5.35 1
Andrew Harvey 115.76 13
James Robinson 31.7 5
Stephen Harvey 160.18 19
Di Hoadley 40.19 9
Izzy Last 5.94 2
Vicki Parker-Humphries 29.41 7
Judy Potter 83.57 15
Matthew Tye 151.1 14
Katie Clarke 25.93 4
Bea Walker 22.79 4
Total 1412.26
Stacey's Striders Total Dist. Days Running
Ant Sinden 208.94 18
Harry Neale 90.18 8
Joanna Andrews 140.1 18
Lisa Stewart 121.8 16
Stacey Shiplee 52.34 11
Laura Mulley 90.13 10
Marsha Hopley 54.13 10
Lauren Howe 13.13 3
Tina Lathrope 28.73 6
Lynn Emmett 115.32 14
Katie Walker 84.43 13
Chris Hutton 19.51 4
Gemma Harvey 28 5
William Last 2.69 1
Denise Betts 18.21 4
Anna Infield 28.75 5
Mike Persich 58.89 8
Gary Howe 25.54 4
Tortal 1180.82


Virtual Bingo
Week 4 (22nd - 28th February)

Gary Reports:Last week was the final week of our Bingo card game and I hope those that did it, enjoyed it! There was a rush to try and complete cards - but this was not helped by the snow we had which certainly curtailed running for several days.There were eight of you who carried on to the bitter end (and a couple more who fell by the wayside) - some whilst they were completing other virtual competition. Well done all.Also a thank you to several of you who said you enjoyed the competition and that it got you out there running when perhaps you might not have done so. We are not looking for praise but it is nice to know the work behind the scenes is appreciated!

So the results I have in order are as follows:
Chrissy 18/20
Julia 17/20
Di 15/20
Stacey 15/20
Marsha 14/20
Suzannah 14/20
Lynn 13/20
Louise 10/20
Natalie 9/20
Joanna 8/20
So well done Chrissy!! 🏆


January Virtual Marathon Challenge - Final report!

Lynn Reports:
Just to repeat what I've already said on Facebook, this has been a fabulous month and I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have. We have virtually travelled the world from Lapland to the Antarctic, Desert, Outback and Jungle, the small town of Bungay to the big cities of London and New York.Our final marathons were:
Paris, Chelmsford, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dublin, The Original Everest Marathon (Nepal), New York, Istanbul Marathon, Barcelona, Serengeti Safari Marathon, Tanzania, Athens, Bangkok Marathon, Desert Marathon (Israel), California International Marathon, Maya Run in the jungle (Mexico), Crete, Antartic Ice Marathon + 12 more that I didn't have names for as we went over the 100 target!Speical well done to: Kevin Kisby for running every day and Julian Fabian with 187 miles, A few more ran over 100 miles: Antony Sinden, Jo Andrews, Kevin Kisby, Lisa Stewart, Lynn Emmett, Malachi Fabian, Stephen Harvey, Sue Sinden - fab running.

Well done to everyone - newcomers are in red: Andrew Harvey, Anna Clark, Anna Infield, Anthony Sinden, Bea Harrison, Cameron Black, Cara Howe, Chrissy Palmer, Denise Betts, Di Hoadley, Ewan Saile, Freddie Hoadley, Gary Howe, Gemma Harvey, George Edwards, Hannah Richardson, Harris Black, Harry Neale, Ian Gardner, Iris Palmer, Izzy Last, Jane Kenny, James Robinson, Jo Andrews, Judy Potter, Julia Pelham, Julian Fabian, Juliette Head, Katie Clarke, Katie Walker, Kevin Kisby, Laura Goodswen, Laura Mulley, Lauren Howe, Libby Hoadley, Lindsay Black, Lisa Stewart, Louise Peck, Lynn Emmett, Maggie Flatt, Malachi Fabian, Marsha Hopley, Mike Button, Mike Persich, Natalie Brown, Nathan Clark, Owen Andrews, Rachel Fabian, Ria Freeman, Roz Maclachlan, Sammy Edwards, Sarah Etheron-Nichol, Sarah Shiplee, Sharon Cannell, Stacey Lain, Stacey Shiplee, Stefan Goodswen, Stephen Harvey, Stu Andrews, Sue Sinden, Vicki Parker-Humphreys, Will Last.

Hope you all join in the next challenge!



Christmas Cracker 10K (13th December 2020)

The Christmas Cracker 10K on Sunday at Ringsfield Village Hall was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who took part. Many thanks to those that made it a success including our marshals - Emma, Hannah, David and Sarah and our other helpers Stuart and Christine.
Here are the results.

Joanna & Gary Report:

The Christmas Cracker 10K on Sunday at Ringsfield Village Hall was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who took part. Many thanks to those that made it a success including our marshals - Emma, Hannah, David and Sarah and our other helpers Stuart and Christine.
Here are the results.

Name Start Time Finish Time Total Time Taken Watch Time
Tina Lathrope 10 11:26:12 1:26:12
Roz Maclachlan 10 11:26:12 1:26:12
Anna infield 10 DNS
Di Hoadley 10 11:15:57 1:15:57
Marsha Hopley 10.05 11:16:36 1:11:36
Maggie Flatt 10.05 11:17:27 1:12:27
Katie Clarke 10.05 11:15:56 1:10:56
Stacey Shiplee 10.05 11:16:14 1:11:14
Karen Waters 10.1 11:16:40 1:06:40 1:06:38
judy potter 10.1 11:15:15 1:05:15
Monica Winzor-Saile 10.1 11:15:09 1:05:09
Julia pelham 10.1 11:11:48 1:01:48
Kevin Kisby 10.15 11:19:49 1:04:49
Chrissy Palmer 10.15 11:14:45 0:59:45
Laura Goodswen 10.15 11:16:23 1:01:23
Suzannah Sinden 10.15 11:13:41 0:58:41 0:58:37
Laura mulley 10.2 11:18:25 0:58:25 0:58:21
Natalie Brown 10.2 11:18:15 0:58:15
Sammy Edwards 10.2 11:17:21 0:57:21
Ian Gardner 10.2 11:17:09 0:57:09 0:57:06
Lisa Stewart 10.25 11:17:47 0:52:47
Simon Fitch 10.25 11:14:50 0:49:50
Harry Wadsworth 10.25 11:14:53 0:49:53
Stuart Andrews 10.25 11:14:02 0:49:02 0:48:59
James Robinson 10.3 11:24:33 0:54:33
John White 10.3 Retired Injured
Anthony Sinden 10.3 11:16:34 0:46:34 0:46:34
Stefan Goodswen 10.3 11:14:14 0:44:14
Lynn Emmett 10.35 11:19:00 0:44:00
Ewan Winzor-Saile 10.35 11:15:45 0:40:45
Harry Neale 10.35 11:16:07 0:41:07

BBH Winter Programme

As there are very few athletics competitions, road runs or cross-country competitions this Winter - we have decided to organise a few extra club events to try to keep you fit and healthy.
I'm sure you will understand that this may not be straightforward to organise during the pandemic - particularly with cases increasing - but we are going to do our best to keep you interested - but bear in mind that we may have to modify things at the last minute to make sure we all keep safe.
Almost certainly all the events will need to be pre-booked - a bit like we are doing for training sessions - but we hope you will agree it is a small price to pay ...! We may also have to do these things in smaller groups - particularly if in public spaces.
So here are some dates for your diary. We will post more detailed information about the events as the date approaches!!
Do indicate your interest on here - so that we can gauge interest in advance! A like or a comment is fine.



Success for our Beginners:

Thursday (1st October) was the last week of our hastily organised 'Couch to 5K' course. At the changeover time (7.15pm), a few people from the earlier groups kindly waited for the small presentation of ‘Couch to 5K’ certificates and goodie bags. The course appears to have been very successful and well received - judging by the positive feedback we received. Following this presentation, we all went out to do the final course session of a double looped 5K route, which again took me through part of Beccles that I did not know existed! Everybody completed it in good time and after a few celebratory words and the essential photograph – we all went home – in my case somewhat exhausted having done two lots of running!



Jaffa Junior relays 2020

Well done to everyone that ran either virtually or at the event on Saturday, there were some great results and I think we all had fun being able to get together and cheer each other on. Thank you to Stephen and Gary for setting up the gazebo and measuring the course and the parents for bringing the juniors and helping on the day.

In the U9s (1km) event we had 9 juniors in three teams drawn out on the day. The fastest team was Tayla Goodwen, Mia Clarke and Harris Black. 2nd and 3rd places were very close with Liam Durrant, Reece Button and Isla Clarke only 7 seconds ahead of Freddie Hoadley, Faith Sheriff and Zach Nichols.  The fastest boys individual time was Harris 4:38, and the fastest girls time was Tayla 4:23.

In the 2km event there were three U11 teams and two U13 teams. Ethan Glayzer ably stepped up to the 2km event and ran in an U13 team and had the fastest boys time (8:21) and his 1km time (4:13) would have been the fastest in the U9s event.  On the day the winning team was Alfie Winzor-Saile, Ethan Glayzer and Nathan Clarke. Individual winners were U13G - Izzy Last 7:57, U13B Alfie Winzor-Saile 8:33, U11G Ella Goodswen 10:32, U11B Will Last 8:29.

In the U15 / U17 3km race we had 6 competitors and this was run as a time trial with one team in each age group.  The U17 team had the fastest time with Malachi Fabian, Brooke Oram and Kaitlin Sinden.  Age group winners were Malachi U17 having the fastest boys time (10:45) and Brooke U17 (12:12). In the U15 winners were Rebecca Sinden (16:18) and Harry Wadsworth (12:47). Iris Palmer (17:09) and Kaitlin Sinden (18:16) made up the teams.

U9s Team 1km time
Tayla Goodswen 1 04:23 1st U9G
Harris Black 1 04:38 1st U9B
Liam Durrant 3 05:15
Freddie Hoadley 2 05:56
Reece Button Virtual 3 06:04
Faith Sherriff 2 06:24
Zach Nichols Virtual 2 06:34
Mia Clarke 1 06:35
Isla Clarke 3 07:28
U9M 1 15:36
U9M 2 18:54
U9M 3 18:47
U11s/U13s Team 2km Time
Izzy Last 5 07:57 1st U13G
Ethan Glayzer 4 08:21 1st U9B
Will Last 1 08:29 1st U11B
Alfie-Winzor-Saile 4 08:33 1st U13B
Reece Sheriff 3 09:32
Rosie Hutton 5 09:37
Cameron Black 1 09:45
Nathan Clarke 4 09:56
Thomas Hambling 1 10:02
Ella Goodswen 2 10:32 1st U11G
Flossie Hutton 2 11:10
Lottie Winzor-Saile 2 11:39
Bea Harrison 5 11:47
Harrison Nichols Virtual 4 12:13
Edward Marshall 3 14:15
Libby Hoadley 3 14:28
Team U11B 1 28:16
Team U11G 2 33:21
Team U11M 3 38:15
Team U13B 4 26:50
Team U13G 5 29:21
U15s/U17s Team 3km Time
Malachi Fabian 2 10:45 1st U17B
Brooke Oram Virtual 2 12:12 1st U17G
Harry Wadsworth 1 12:47 1st U15B
Rebecca Sinden 1 16:18 1st U15G
Iris Palmer Virtual 1 17:09
Kaitlin Sinden 2 18:16
Team U15M 1 46:14
Team U17M 2 41:13

Beccles and Bungay Harriers

Cross Country Awards 2020



Unfortunately this year we have been unable to get together to celebrate an excellent cross country season so we will be announcing the awards here and hoping to get together later in the year. Here are some of the highlights of a successful year.


Early in the season we took our juniors to the Junior XC relays organised by Ipswich Jaffa at bourne park, we had 5 teams across 3 age groups - U11, U13 and U15. Our U11 boys team stormed home to take 1st place, whilst our U11 girls picked up 3rd place. In the U13 age group both the girls team and the mixed team both came in 2nd place and the mixed team in the U15 also came in 2nd. There were some notable individual performances by Izzy Last (1st U13), Alfie Winzor-Saile (2nd U11) and Tamiya Thurston (2nd U11).


In December we had one athlete representing Norfolk at the Southern Inter-Counties Cross country, Izzy Last in U13 girls coming in 63rd place and was the 4th Norfolk girl home. Lynn Emmett also travelled to Oxford to compete in the Southern XC masters championships coming in 25th overall and 7th in the W50 age group


The County championships took place in January and we had athletes competing in both the Norfolk and Suffolk events. At Norfolk there were 3 athletes - Will Last (10th U11 boys), Izzy Last (7th U13 girls), Lynn Emmett (1st W50). At Suffolk there were 2 athletes, Lauren Howe (2nd Snr Ladies) and Gary Howe (3rd M65).


Later in January our club travelled to the Southern XC Championships at Parliament Hill fields in London. This is a course notorious for it's hills and mud and 6 of our athletes braved the conditions and completed the course. In the U13 age group we had Izzy Last, Alfred Winzor-Saile, Nathan Clark and in the Senior Events Lynn Emmett, Anna Clark and Gary Howe took part. This was the first big event for some of our athletes and I think they all enjoyed the experience.


In February we went to Wollaton Park for the National XC championships. Once again we had a small team of 8 across 4 different races. Nathan Clark took part in the U13 race and the conditions were so muddy that he lost a shoe and had to run most of the race in just a sock! Cara Howe represented the Harriers in the Junior womens age group and we had 3 women in the senior womens race with a notable performance by Lauren coming in 87th out of 900 athletes and Lynn Emmett and Anna Clark also running. In the senior mens race Andrew Harvey, Gary Howe and Stephen Harvey all battled their way around the course in deteriorating conditions.


At the Inter-Counties at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, two athletes were selected to run for Norfolk - Izzy Last in the U13 girls and Lynn Emmett in the senior women. Both had a good run, Izzy Last was in the top half of high class field and was 3rd Norfolk girl home.


In the schools events two of our athletes were selected to represent their county in the Anglian Schools race where Izzy Last was 7th and Malachi Fabian was 61st. Both qualified through the Schools XC county championship races.


Finally, it was a very successful year at the Suffolk Winter League. In the junior event we had 6 athletes with 5 completing the series (3 races needed). Brooke Oram won the U17 girls series with 3 wins, Izzy Last was 2nd in the series in the U13 girls, Malachi Fabian improved throughout the season to come 3rd in the final race moving him up to 6th place in the U15 boys.  Kaitlin Sinden (12th U15) and Alfred Winzor-Saile (16th U13) also completed enough races to finish the series. There were also three U11 races where many of our younger juniors gained some cross-country experience.

In the senior age group, we had 30 athletes taking part in at least one race and 14 completing the whole series. Lynn Emmett won the W50 category with 4 individual wins and Judy Potter came 2nd in the W70 category. Gary performed well across the season with a 5th position in the M65 category. There were many great performances, some by newcomers to the league with Ewan Winzor-Saile our fastest finisher across all 5 races.




B&BH Junior Awards


Performance Awards

Izzy Last - County selection, SWL 2nd place

Malachi Fabian - County selection

Brooke Oram - SWL 1st place


Endeavour Award

Nathan Clark - Southern and National XC championships


Stars of the future

Will Last

Tayla Goodswen

Ethan Glayzer


Team Spirit

Charlotte Winzor-Saile, Liam Durrant, Alfred Winzor-Saile, Rebecca Sinden, Kaitlin Sinden


Junior XC BBH Club Champions for 2020

Izzy Last

Malachi Fabian




B&BH Senior Awards


Performance Awards

Lauren Howe – County Championships 2nd place

Lynn Emmett – County Championships 1st place, SWL 1st place, county selection

Judy Potter – SWL 2nd place

Gary Howe – County Championships 3rd place



Anna Clark – Southern and National XC championships

Stephen Harvey – National XC championships



Mark Hurren – Showed the biggest improvement over the season at the SWL gaining experience and confidence in every race.


Best newcomers

Gail Glayzer and Stefan Goodswen


Team Spirit

Michelle Hewitt, Sue Sinden, Annette Copeman-Lamoureux, Andrew Harvey,

Ewan Winzor-Saile, Anthony Sinden, Kevin Copeman-Lamoureux, Ian Gardner


Senior XC Club Champions for 2020

Ewan Winzor-Saile

Lynn Emmett



Well done and see you all next season




Suffolk Winter League - Pakenham 01-03-20

Sunday 1st March 2020 was the fourth in the series of xc runs in the Suffolk Winter League. It was a new venue for everyone as Bury St Edmunds Pacers had moved the race from the beautiful Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds to Nether Hall, Pakenham, just east of Bury St Edmunds. Despite the slightly long walk from the field car park it was another typically picturesque country hall grounds, at least equally as pleasant as Nowton Park. The course was both xc and trail like in places with some modest hills and not too much mud - surprisingly!

Proceedings started with the junior race at 10.45am. This was one lap and about 3K. We had four juniors taking part. Kaitlin Sinden, Brooke Oram, Malachi Fabian and Izzy Last. All did very well but Malachi came in a very respectable 6th with Izzy not far behind at 24th (but also as first girl back – which is fantastic). They were followed by Brooke at 44th and Kaitlin at 77th. Well done all.

Just after the juniors started the U11 race went ahead. It was supposed to be an 800m course, but I am told it seemed more like 1.2K! This time we had three taking part. Tayla Goodswen, Ethan Glayzer and Liam Durrant. Again, all tried hard for the club with Ethan coming in 4th, Liam 10th and Tayla 12th. All are well under 11years – so looks good for the future if we can keep them engaged.

In the adult female contingent we had Suzannah, Annette, Michelle, Lynn and new girl Gail Glayzer. We managed to find her a club shirt to wear thanks to Alli Hurren removing a layer of much needed clothing! For the men we had Kevin, Stephen, Stefan, Gary, Mark, Anthony, Ian, Ewan and Jonathan. Their race went off at 11.15am and consisted of two laps (8K). Despite several having various injuries we still put up a good show with Ewan coming home as the first B&BH member back in 47th, followed by Mark in 65th and Lynn in 78th place. Jonathan, Anthony and Stefan all came back in close company of 100th, 103rd and 104th respectively. Gail did very well in her first race for us to finish 166th, whilst Suzannah continues to improve at 172nd. Well done Stephen for completing yet another xc with very little training. Also, a tidy race for Michelle just keeping out of the 200’s at 197th.

Many thanks to Annette for also bringing the hot water container with tea and coffee; to Ewan for giving Malachi a lift; to Julie for recording times and to Lynn for organising us!

Results as follows: -


4th Ethan Glayzer (8)

10th Liam Durrant (7)

12th Tayla Goodswen (7)


Juniors (11-16)

6th Malachi Fabian (14)

24th Izzy Last (1st Girl) (12)

44th Brooke Oram (15)

77th Kaitlin Sinden (15)



47th Ewan Sail

65th Mark Hurren

78th Lynn Emmett

100th Jonathan Puxley

103rd Anthony Sinden

104th Stefan Goodswen

147th Gary Howe

166th Gail Glayzer

170th Ian Gardner

172nd Suzannah Sinden

197th Michelle Hewitt

202nd Stephen Harvey

229th Annette Copeman-Lamoureux

233rd Kevin Copeman-Lamoureux


Official placing and times should be available by the end of next week.



Congratulations to Mark Hurren for becoming a UK Athletics, Run Leader (LiRF, Leaders in Running Fitness) following attendance at a one-day course in mid-August 2019.  Also, many congratulations to Mark's wife, Alison Hurren who attended a two day Coaching Assistant course on the 7th and 8th September 2019. Alison said "it has been really good, lots packed into each day!".  So we now have a two 'coach' Hurren family, along with our best club supporter, their wonderful son, Blake, well done both!