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Suffolk Winter League - Pakenham 01-03-20

Sunday 1st March 2020 was the fourth in the series of xc runs in the Suffolk Winter League. It was a new venue for everyone as Bury St Edmunds Pacers had moved the race from the beautiful Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds to Nether Hall, Pakenham, just east of Bury St Edmunds. Despite the slightly long walk from the field car park it was another typically picturesque country hall grounds, at least equally as pleasant as Nowton Park. The course was both xc and trail like in places with some modest hills and not too much mud - surprisingly!

Proceedings started with the junior race at 10.45am. This was one lap and about 3K. We had four juniors taking part. Kaitlin Sinden, Brooke Oram, Malachi Fabian and Izzy Last. All did very well but Malachi came in a very respectable 6th with Izzy not far behind at 24th (but also as first girl back – which is fantastic). They were followed by Brooke at 44th and Kaitlin at 77th. Well done all.

Just after the juniors started the U11 race went ahead. It was supposed to be an 800m course, but I am told it seemed more like 1.2K! This time we had three taking part. Tayla Goodswen, Ethan Glayzer and Liam Durrant. Again, all tried hard for the club with Ethan coming in 4th, Liam 10th and Tayla 12th. All are well under 11years – so looks good for the future if we can keep them engaged.

In the adult female contingent we had Suzannah, Annette, Michelle, Lynn and new girl Gail Glayzer. We managed to find her a club shirt to wear thanks to Alli Hurren removing a layer of much needed clothing! For the men we had Kevin, Stephen, Stefan, Gary, Mark, Anthony, Ian, Ewan and Jonathan. Their race went off at 11.15am and consisted of two laps (8K). Despite several having various injuries we still put up a good show with Ewan coming home as the first B&BH member back in 47th, followed by Mark in 65th and Lynn in 78th place. Jonathan, Anthony and Stefan all came back in close company of 100th, 103rd and 104th respectively. Gail did very well in her first race for us to finish 166th, whilst Suzannah continues to improve at 172nd. Well done Stephen for completing yet another xc with very little training. Also, a tidy race for Michelle just keeping out of the 200’s at 197th.

Many thanks to Annette for also bringing the hot water container with tea and coffee; to Ewan for giving Malachi a lift; to Julie for recording times and to Lynn for organising us!

Results as follows: -


4th Ethan Glayzer (8)

10th Liam Durrant (7)

12th Tayla Goodswen (7)


Juniors (11-16)

6th Malachi Fabian (14)

24th Izzy Last (1st Girl) (12)

44th Brooke Oram (15)

77th Kaitlin Sinden (15)



47th Ewan Sail

65th Mark Hurren

78th Lynn Emmett

100th Jonathan Puxley

103rd Anthony Sinden

104th Stefan Goodswen

147th Gary Howe

166th Gail Glayzer

170th Ian Gardner

172nd Suzannah Sinden

197th Michelle Hewitt

202nd Stephen Harvey

229th Annette Copeman-Lamoureux

233rd Kevin Copeman-Lamoureux


Official placing and times should be available by the end of next week.



Congratulations to Mark Hurren for becoming a UK Athletics, Run Leader (LiRF, Leaders in Running Fitness) following attendance at a one-day course in mid-August 2019.  Also, many congratulations to Mark's wife, Alison Hurren who attended a two day Coaching Assistant course on the 7th and 8th September 2019. Alison said "it has been really good, lots packed into each day!".  So we now have a two 'coach' Hurren family, along with our best club supporter, their wonderful son, Blake, well done both!